Graduate Projects

Learning Media


Corporate Informational Website

This short animated video clip and
its transcript served as multimodal means of introducing learners
to the topics offered on a website developed to aid with the process
of on-boarding of Deaf and hard of hearing professionals. 

<Background Music>  Male Voice: Hello there! And welcome to this informational website brought to you by SplendidEd.com.  Whether you’re here to learn what Federal and Local laws have say about providing accommodations for professionals with hearing loss, learn pointers for how to best on board and communicate with a new hire who is more comfortable with visual language and communication, or if you’re wanting to explore some of the barriers that may arise in the workplace between hearing professionals and those who are culturally deaf or hard of hearing, the pages of this website are designed to provide you easy access to a variety of interactive media and work aids to help you broaden your understanding of these important topics. To get started, let’s take a look at some of the most frequently asked questions!   <Music Fades>



Closed Captioning Accessibility

When limited to presentation-style delivery of content, I enjoy looking for alternatives to the standard slides-style formats.  I used MS Sway to design this presentation of accessibility dos and don’ts for closed captioning to fellow instructional design graduate students.  



Teacher Training

This short animation was designed as a ‘hook’ for recruiting elementary school teachers into a blended training module for an innovative digital classroom management and communication tool, called Class Dojo.

Infographic Design







Infographic Tools

Design and graphic presentation of information is a useful way of presenting complex or step-by-step information in a concise, organized format.  These slides show three examples that were created for various courses/sites.

Digital Storytelling




Getting Here From There

A short, personal narrative of my coming into Instructional Design.




Think-Tank Instructional Design

A short, animated story examining the importance of collaboration and cooperation in the planning of highly effective instruction. 

Professional Development

I quickly realized, in taking on the creation of digital and distance learning materials, that I would need to broaden my understanding and successful application of coding.  These slides showcase my journey of discovering this powerful design tool using this website as an instrument of exploration.